Saturday, 24 March 2012

Project Sparrow

Thought I would do a bit of a step by step for my next project. This painting is going to be a nature theme, based on a photo I took in my backyard. I'll start with the process I used to create the finished design. Like most reference pictures I use, they're only the general idea for the painting. I like to take them into Photoshop and build the final design. This usually involves putting two or more picture together to come up with the final image. I post more as the painting progresses. Feel free to leave a comment.

Step 1: Here is the original photo that I'll start with.

Step 2: I decide on how to crop it.

Step 3: I thought I would add some color and detail to the right side.

 Step 4: It still needed something on the right side for balance, so I added the buds and leaves. This is my finished composition, the overall size of the painting will be on a panel measuring 10" x 12", and  painted with Acrylics. Let the painting begin.

 Day 1: Spent about 2 hrs. yesterday blocking it in. Just heading out to work on it now. Should be able to finish today.

 Day 2: Painted for about 3 hrs. today. I'm thinking a couple of adjustments and I'll call it done. I'm always worried about spending to much time on a painting and running the risk of over working it.

The finished painting. I found this to be a very enjoyable project, I think I'll do a couple more.

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